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Five Reasons Why You'll Love

The Better Trader's Journal

  • Easy to Use

    It’s the simplest thing you can do to become more disciplined and stick to a solid trading strategy that works for you.

  • Built on Proven Knowledge

    It’s built on proven principles of trading psychology. This journal has distilled trading knowledge shared by some of the industry’s most trusted traders. 

  • A Quick Way to Record and Analyse your Trades

    You’ll have a snapshot of your trading history, what’s working and what needs improvement.

  • For People on the Go

    We designed the journal to be easy to use so you can spend more time trading and less time keeping notes.

  • Designed to Improve Emotional  Discipline

    It’s more than a journal, it’s an educational tool designed for mastering trading discipline. By the time you finish this journal, you’ll be well on your way to significantly improving your trade planning and emotional discipline.

The KEY TO TRADING SUCCESS is EMOTIONAL DISCIPLINE. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.

Victor Sperandeo, legendary trader and the founder, CEO and President of Alpha Financial Technologies LLC.

What Makes This

Journal "Better"?

This journal is more than a trading ledger, it's a way to TRANSFORM HOW YOU TRADE, to CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS AND STAY DISCIPLINED. It's not just a journal, its an educational tool to help you LEARN THE SECRETS Of TRADING DISCIPLINE to increase your FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

  • Personal Contract

    Keep yourself accountable while you use The Better Trader's Journal. Our contract will help you stay focused on your journey toward Better.

  • The 5 Trading Rules

    A house is only as solid as its foundation. The same goes for a trader and their rules. Keep your trading foundation solid with our 5 Trading Rules as a daily reminder to start your trading day off right.

  • Trading Ledger

    Record trading decisions, thoughts, emotions, reasonings and more as you work with The Better Trader's Journal.

  • Trading Check-in

    Keep track of the defining characteristics of a better trader: mood, focus, stress level, and decision-making and learn how mindset can affect your trading.

  • Trading Review

    Reflection is the key to overcoming weaknesses and building up strengths. Our review methodology helps to correlate your trades with emotional discipline to stay objective and focused.

  • Inspirational Quotes

    Our trading journal is full of motivational quotes from famous experienced traders. Get inspired as you move through the pages of the journal.

Investment psychology is by far the more important element, followed by risk control, with the least important consideration being the question of where you buy and sell.

Tom Basso, American Hedge Fund Manager

Create Positive Trading Habits

and Find Success Faster

Most trading journals focus on creating a way to log trades. The Better Trader's Journal is different.
It's a new type of journal


It is the first trading journal of its kind, designed to help traders avoid one of the key mistakes many new traders make: keeping emotions in check while you trade.


It not only helps you review your trades, but more importantly it will help you become a serious and disciplined trader


The Better Trader's Journal includes:

  • Inspiring Quotes from famous traders;
  • A Trade Ledger to record your trades;
  • A Four-Point Diagnostic Daily Check-in;
  • A Review Process to improve and monitor what works for you;
  • Inspiring Stories from the authors;
  • The Five Trading Rules to reinforce positive trading habits;
  • The Mental Model of a Successful Trader;
  • Recommended Tools; and
  • Trading Tips designed to guide and motivate you.

This journal is your daily companion to help you to achieve better trading discipline at your own pace and increase your Financial Success.

Dealing with emotions is perhaps the most important component of successful market speculation. Our humanity attempts to sabotage us at every turn. Vincit qui se vincit.

Peter Brandt, Professional Trader. Peter was named among the 30 most influencial persons in the world of finance.

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The Better Trader's Journal

The Altrady Base Scanner, 3Commas Trading Platform, and "QFL" methodology have influenced hundreds of thousands of Crypto traders around the world. Read why these experts of Crypto trading believe the Better Traders Journal is an essential tool for


Whether you are about to start the journey of crypto trading or have had years of experience doing so, you can benefit from this journal. It will guide you and gradually form positive habits like self-reflecting, setting goals, following a strategy, and evaluating your overall performance.


Founder, Altrady

3Commas aims to be the Swiss army knife of crypto trading, and The Better Trader's Journal is one hell of a sharp blade in our arsenal.


CEO, 3Commas

This type of journal will help traders analyze their trades, good or bad, and improve themselves. As an experienced trader, I am always doing this, trying to find patterns in my trades. For new traders who are just getting started, this could be the tool to help them improve.

Quick Fingers LUC

Professional Trader, Educator

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