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The Better Trader's Club is a Private Club that meets twice a month to discuss and review charts, member chart requests, trading techniques, new 3Commas features, TradingView tips, Poobah Crypto Services tools, and more! 


You'll get to interact with Moonin Papa and other club members, get answers to your questions regarding course content from The Better Traders courses, plus Moonin Papa will be inviting special guests to each event.


You also get exclusive access to special discounts on courses, subscriptions, trading tools, and more by joining The Better Traders Club. These discounts will NOT be available anywhere else.


The money you could save with these exclusive discounts on courses and tools will pay off the cost of The Better Traders Club subscription in no time.


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What's included with your Club Subscription

2 Webinars per month with Moonin Papa

In depth Market updates

Interviews with special guests

Question and Answer:  Ask you questions and learn from others.

Sneak Peak access to  new course content

Exclusive Bonus Content only shared with Better Trader Club Members



You will also Receive:


20% OFF on all courses ( Reach out to your coach to claim this offer)


Special Offers and Discounts only for Club Members


Exclusive Giveaways for Better Trader's Club Members


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Or Buy A Limited Time LifeTime Membership For Just $497

until May 31, 2020

* Only 20 10 5 LifeTime Memberships Available


Moonin Papa

3Commas Most Trusted Ambassador

Learn why Moonin Papa has become the Most Trusted Ambassador  for so many people in the Crypto community. 


His Ability to Teach and Share his Knowledge Clearly and in an Engaging and Honest Manner has helped thousands of people around the world.



About The Better Traders


The Better Traders was founded with the belief that anyone can learn to trade cryptocurrency.


Our mission is to make trading safe and accessible, so you can learn to benefit from one of the greatest wealth opportunities of our generation.

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