Learn 3 Simple Techniques to GROW your account FAST!

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In this Introductory Course you will:


Learn the basics of 3Commas Smart Trade terminal for AB Trading.

Learn three powerful Account Building (AB) techniques.

Channel Trading: learn how to spot support and resistance and trade a channel.

Aftershock Pumps: don't follow pump and dump groups- learn to trade from Moonin Papa.

Fat Finger Fishing: learn the safest trading technique that only exists on cryptocurrency markets.

Learn how to keep your funds safe and secure using hardware wallets.

Learn how to use the FREE Poobah One AB Scanner to find the best AB Charts.



You will also Receive:

Over 3 Hours of Content spread over 7 Modules

$250 Value

Learn how to create a second stream of passive income!

$50 Value

Learn how to handle trades that drop in price quickly     $50 Value

You also get this Incredible Bonus Offer 

BONUS 1: One  Group Coaching Webinar    $23.50

                            * Coaching Webinars will begin in Q1 2020


Wow! That's over $350 in Value for Just $47!




Learn why Moonin Papa has become the Most Trusted Ambassador and Face of 3Commas for so many people in the Crypto community. 


His Ability to Teach and Share his Knowledge Clearly and in an Engaging and Honest Manner has helped thousands of people around the world.


This is the first time he's put all this knowledge together into an introductory course that is Jam-Packed with Tools and Tips to Make YOU a Better Trader!




Better Trading For a Better Future


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Our mission is to make trading safe and accessible, so you can learn to benefit from one of the greatest wealth opportunities of our generation.

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