Polkadot on the 4H time frame

Solana on the 4H time frame

Cardano on the 30-minute time frame

Dogecoin on the 5-minute time frame

S&P 500 on the weekly time frame

Tesla on the 12H time frame

A brief list of features for the TBO Indicator

  • The TBO makes it easy to identify the direction and strength of any chart's trend

  • The TBO is also fantastic for identifying price breakouts- both to the upside and the downside

  • The TBO plots Support and Resistance lines so you don't have to

  • Use any symbol, line, or event from the TBO to create an alert in TradingView*

    *to use more alerts we suggest buying a TradingView subscription

Get signals to Open Long trades with the TBO.

Know when to take profit with the Close Long and Close Short signals.

Use the TBO Cloud to identify trend strength and direction.

Use the TBO on any time frame with any trading pair on any exchange.

Use the TBO for cryptocurrency, stocks, forex- supports any market that is available on TradingView.

Use the TBO to stay in the trend as long as possible to maximize gains.

Get alerted when the trend is about to change with Cross Up and Cross Down signals.


Tony, Crypto Trader and TBO user