TradingView is the best charting platform available, but it is so feature-rich that our guess is that many of you don't fully understand how to get the most out of it.


That's why we created Chart Basics, to give you a complete walkthrough of the ENTIRE site and its tools, including their smartphone app. In this course you will learn:

All of Moonin Papa's need-to-know hotkey shortcuts to use TradingView faster

Which drawing tools can help you RIGHT NOW

How to navigate and customize TradingView chart layouts

How to use the TradingView mobile app

How to save 50% on a TradingView subscription before paying

How to use TradingView's powerful free Screener

Learn how to share your chart with the community.

How to create and manage alerts


Aside from being a 100% FREE course, we have exclusive content and goodies only available through our course portal:

FREE Course Guide PDF

FREE Need-to-know Hotkeys PDF

FREE Bonus Video that shows you the best settings for the TradingView Crypto Scanner


Learn why Moonin Papa has become the Most Trusted Ambassador and Face of 3Commas for so many people in the Crypto community. 


His Ability to Teach and Share his Knowledge Clearly and in an Engaging and Honest Manner has helped thousands of people around the world.


This is the first time he's put all this knowledge together into an introductory course that is Jam-Packed with Tools and Tips to Make YOU a Better Trader!